Sun Pump 2.0

Battery operated, solar charged, automatic rainwater bilge pump for aluminum & John boats, zodiaks or tenders.
New for 2024!
The newly redesigned, smaller format, Sun Pump will soon be available! Based on current customer feedback, we have integrated the float switch as part of the bilge while still utilizing the same trusted 2.5W solar panel and 7 Ahr. battery. As well, a simple push button activates the manual bilge pump mode and a 12V Emergency Power socket is also available. Weighing just 11 lbs, the 2.0 Sun Pump can be transported easily with one hand. No assembly required, it ships complete with a 3' bilge hose plus a releasable, durable, zip tie strap.

Need a battery operated, solar recharged bilge pump?
Don't Worry, Get a Sun Pump!

sinking aluminum boat
Boat full of water, again?

The Sun Pump is a solar powered bilge pump that helps to keep your unattended boat from filling with rain water! The Sun Pump automatically empties your boat of rainwater and then solar recharges it’s battery when the sun reappears. Perfect for freshwater aluminum boats, Jon boats, tenders and zodiacs.

Designed and built in Canada since 2009, the Sun Pump has been tested and endorsed by Cottage Life Magazine and is used by thousands of boaters across North America.