About Us

The idea for the Sun Pump arrived one stormy night at my friend Don's cottage. He awoke to the sound of pouring rain and realized that, after several days of rain, there was a real possibility that his open fishing boat would fill with water and sink. With the rain pouring down and thunder crashing, he ran to the dock and bailed my boat in the dark. Soaking and cold he thought, "There has to be a Better Way"!

Sun Pump Prototype IIIDon built the first Sun Pump using a bilge pump, hose, solar panel and two plastic fruit baskets tied together to create a housing. It looked silly but it worked great! He was a bit embarrassed to show it to me but I got the idea right away. I showed up a few days later with a much better prototype and after several more revisions and testing, we started production. SP-001!

Since 2009, we have sold hundreds of Sun Pumps. In 2019, I bought Don out and I have continued to use only top quality, marine grade components. Each pump is hand built in Baysville, Ontario and satisfied customer referrals has been my biggest source of new orders.  As well, reviews from magazines like Cottage Life have been very positive. Having recently completed Sun Pump #1420 (SP-1420) I hope that the Sun Pump will make your life easier for you too.

"Raining all week in Cottage Country? Why Worry? Get a Sun Pump!"

Richard​Richard Hatkoski

Don​Don Waddington