Boat Full of Water? Get a Sun Pump!

Solar Bilge Pump - 2.0 Sun Pump

Battery operated, solar charged, automatic rainwater bilge pump for aluminum & John boats, zodiaks or tenders.
Automatically Bail your unattended Aluminum Boat, Skiff or Zodiak!
The new 2.0 Sun Pump utilizes an internal float switch to activate it's bilge pump to consistently and automatically pump rainwater from your open boat. Whether it is day or night, the Sun Pump activates in just 2" of water, cycling on and off, pumping rainwater out of your boat through the discharge hose. It has a maximum discharge depth of 7/16" with manual activation. When the sun resumes shining, the 2.5W solar panel recharges the 7 Ahr sealed gelcel battery. The improved rainwater inflow design of the pump case strains debris to maintain consistent pumping rate of 500 GPH. Manual pumping mode is now activated via a simple push button and a 12V Emergency Power socket has been added to the 2.0 version. Measuring 13" long x 8" wide x 6" tall and weighing just 11 lbs, it can be transported easily with one hand. It can secured to your transom via the motor cable or chain through the injection molded pump case handle. It ships complete and fully charged with a 3' bilge hose and a releasable, durable, zip tie strap. (1 year warranty) 
Temporarily, we are undergoing a recall and until we have our first 50 pumps exchanged and existing backorders are fulfilled, we are not accepting any new orders. I will restore order activation as soon as possible, hopefully, the week of July 1st. 
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