Solar Bilge Pump - 1.0 Sun Pump

Sun Pump in Boat
No Longer Available - Please refer to the new Sun Pump 2.0!
Replacement Parts Available Here!
The Sun Pump is a battery operated, solar power recharged, rainwater bilge pump for your aluminum or open boat. Simply place next to the transom, attach the discharge hose over the gunwale and moor your boat in an un-shaded area to keep the Sun Pump fully charged. The Sun Pump will automatically empty your boat when it rains and recharge it’s internal batteries all day long. Perfect for freshwater open boats.
  • Self contained unit that automatically bails rainwater from your open boat.
  • Pumps 350 GPH, sufficient for boats to 18' in length. 
  • Float switch turns on and off pump as needed.
  • 2.5W, durable weather/crack resistant solar panel recharges battery.
  • Includes a 3 foot hose with attachment strap.
  • Long life, non-spillable, sealed 7 Ah battery pack.
  • “Auto / Manual” 2 way switch.
  • Durable, polypropylene case resists weathering and damage.
  • Will float long enough to retrieve it should you drop it in the water.
  • Can be secured to your boat for theft resistance.
  • Not for use to bail leaking boats or in salt water applications. 
  • One year warranty, recycled packaging used as dunnage. 
  • 14”L x 9-5/8” W x 10 5/8”H, weight - 11 lbs
View the Sun Pump Operations Manual (OLD 3 Position Switch)
View the Sun Pump Operations Manual (NEW 2 Position Switch)
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